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Duke University Irradiator Shared Resource

The irradiator shared resource provides support for investigators by offering several options for the irradiation of both cells and small animals. The available facilities are comprised of four X-ray units and one cesium 137 unit. The X-ray units provided by the resource are available at several locations throughout the campus. One X-RAD 320 is located in the Sands building animal facility, this irradiator is available for the irradiation of both small animals and cells.

Preclinical Translational Research Unit

The Duke Preclinical Translational Research Unit provides:

Contact us

Director of the Radiation Shared Resources
Greg Palmer
Duke Radiation Safety Officer
Terry Yoshizumi
Giao Nguyen
Please contact
Dianne Young 919-681-1879 to get the weekly access codes
Ken Young 919-681-4713 for X-ray training and facility questions

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