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Duke University Irradiator Shared Resource

The irradiator shared resource provides support for investigators by offering several options for the irradiation of both cells and small animals. The available facilities are comprised of four X-ray units and one cesium 137 unit. The X-ray units provided by the resource are available at several locations throughout the campus. One X-RAD 320 is located in the Sands building animal facility, this irradiator is available for the irradiation of both small animals and cells. There is also an X-rad 320 available in the GSRB2 barrier facility, this unit is primarily used for small animal irradiation. There is an X-RAD 160 available in the LSRC building; it is used exclusively for cell work. The GSRB2 barrier facility also houses a small animal image guided irradiation system, the X-RAD 225 cx. The Cesium 137 is available for both cell and small animal irradiation. Investigators may use the units independently after training and clearance by radiation safety or they may request to have the irradiations done by the shared resource staff. There is a fee whether the unit is independently or staff run to partially offset operating expenses.

Reservations for the instruments are made via the CoreResearch system. To learn more about how to use the CoreResearch system click here.

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