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Cesium 137 Irradiator

The Duke Cesium irradiator is a Mark I 68A Cs 137 Irradiator, manufactured by JL Shepherd and Associates in San Fernando, CA. The irradiator cabinet is 37cm x 30cm x 45cm. The bottom of the cabinet houses a chain drive, which gives the user access to three turntable positions. These positions are 4.3cm, 14.3cm and 19.3cm away from the source. There are several different turntable options available: one turntable for 50 mL conicals, and another for 15 mL conicals. The final turntable is a 30 cm aluminum platter, which may be used for either animals or cells.
Access to the Cesium irradiator is only provided to authorized researchers. In order to schedule training and begin the authorization process, the researcher should contact the Radiation Safety Division operational manager, Christine Krieman.
Christine Krieman, MS
Operational Manager
Radiation Safety Division – OESO
Duke University / Duke University Health System
Durham, NC 27710
919.668.3185 – Office
919.668.2783 – Fax

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