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Preclinical Translational Research Unit

The Duke Preclinical Translational Research Unit provides:

Preclinical and translational research services, including cancer and non-cancer related applications, that enable investigators (both inside and outside Duke) to conduct critical in vivo experiments in a semi-independent laboratory.
Highly skilled input and oversight from Duke experts in statistics, medical devices, pharmacokinetics, physiology, regulation, cancer biology, and animal experimentation.
High-quality documented data that delivers sound statistical design, clinical relevance, data integrity, efficient resource usage, and commercial viability.

Our staff is made up of experts, backed by the reputation, reliability, and credibility of the Duke School of Medicine and the Duke Cancer Institute. Contact us to learn how the Duke Preclinical Translational Research Unit can help you.

We’re here to provide your R&D efforts the best preclinical testing available, helping you find the answers that your testing aims to discover.

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